Detailed list of items included in Sin-banâ’s dowry (marriage of Tablut’s brother to her stepdaughter)

Ninth year of reign of Darius

(1) Nergal-ušallim/Nādin/Maštuk has consented to give (the following items) with his daughter Šin-banâ to Bēl-iksur/Bēl-iddin/Maštuk as dowry: a slave, two minas of silver, a golden jewel weighing 5 šeqels, a wooden bed and its cover, one garment (tarpuštu) for a man and two garments for a woman, a wooden vat stand, a wooden table, five chairs, three maššānu, a wooden lamp, a bronze lamp stand, a bronze lantern, a bronze cooking pot with a capacity of 12 liters, two goblets, a platter, a strainer, a washbowl, a bronze censer.

(20) Witnesses: Šamaš-uballit/Nergal-iddin/Balīhu, Nabû-nādin-ahi/Adad-kēšir/Naggāru, Rēmūt-Nabû/Nabû-uballit/Arkāt-ilāni, Gimil-Šamaš/Rēmūt-Bēl/Šumu-libši, Qībi-Bēl/Bēl-iddin/Maštuk.

(27) Scribe: Bēl-ittannu/Nergal-ušallim/Maštuk.

(29) Sippar, 13th of šabatu (eleventh month), ninth year of Darius, king of Babylon and the lands.

(33) Each party has taken a copy of this tablet.

(Translated by Caroline Waerzeggers.)

FLP 628


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