Litigation Over Real Estate

Clay tablets

Neo-Babylonian Period, Nebuchadnezzar II (598 B.C.E)

Translation of Cuneiform Tablets 1523 and 1524

“Tablets are duplicates differing only in alignment”

Anum-aha-usur, Ibaya, and Nabu-ahhe-usallim, the sons of Bel-nasir, spoke as follows to Qabu, the son of Nabu-nasir: The field of the planted date-palm orchard which is in the city and the country we will divide among ourselves. They were in agreement. Wherever they had a field of date-palms they divided it equally. The upper portion which was the responsibility of the sons of Ayahu, together with the upper portion set aside for the month of Abu, together with the lower portion of the orchard in the city, along with the lower portion in the area adjacent to the orchard set aside for the month Abu, and the upper portion in the city and country on the north: (these are the portions) which Qabu divided with Anum-aha-usur, Ibaya, and Nabu-ahhe-usallim. Qabu has no further claim. There is to be no further suit or litigation. Whoever revokes this arrangement, may the gods Marduk and Zarpanitu speak his destruction.


Nabu-iddin, descendant of Arad-Nergal;

Iddiya, son of Hasir-mudammiq

Sullumu, son of Hasir-mudammiq;

Nabu-tukultu, son of Hanunu;

Tabne-a, son of Nabu-ahhe-iddin.

Scribe: Nabu-sum-ukin, descendant of rab bani.

In Burati, on the 10th day of the month Ululu in the 7th year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.

FLP 1523, 1524


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