Marriage of Tablut’s sister, Aja-enqet, to Gimil-Šamaš

Reign of Cambyses II (529-522 B.C.E.)

(1) (Concerning) one mina of silver, one šeqel of gold and bronze utensils, the dowry of Aja-enqet, daughter of Bēl-iddin//Maštuk, promised to Gimil-Šamaš/Rēmūt-Bēl/Šumu-libši by written account: (5) Rēmūt-Bēl/Nabû-ahhē-iddin/Šumu-libši, the father of Gimil-Šamaš, has received (these items) from Busasa, daughter of Nergal-iddin//Balīhu, in accordance to his tablet.

(10) Witnesses: Šamaš-uballit/Nergal-iddin/Balīhu, Bēl-iddin/Nabû/zēra-iqīša/Raksu.

(13) Scribe: Rēmūt-Bēl/Nabû-ahhē-iddin/Šumu-libši

(15) Sippar, 21st of addaru (twelfth month), fifth year of Cambyses, king of Babylon, king of the lands.

Aja-enqet married Gimil-Šamaš sometime in the fifth year of the reign of Cambyses. Gimil-Šamaš, the groom, was rather well-connected in Sippar and was probably not related to the bride.  This tablet is the only one documenting a non-blood-relation marriage in the archive for Busasa’s children.

FLP 1457


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