Marriage of Tablut and her mother’s brother Ardia

Eighth year of reign of Darius I

(1) Two minas of silver, with one eighth alloy per šeqel, nuhhutu, unmarked, due to Iddinā/Mušēzib/Bēl by Iddin-Bēl/Ardia/Balīhu and Tablut/Bēl-iddin/Maštuk, the mother of Iddin-Bēl. (5) Nanā-šiminni, her slave, is pledged for 1 mina of silver. (7) No slave wage, no interest on the silver. (8) But there will be a monthly increase of one shequel per mina on the other mina of silver due. (10) No second creditor will dispose of (the slave) until Iddinā has received his two minas of silver. (12) Busasa/Nergal-iddin/Balīhu stands surety for repayment of the two minas of silver.

(15) Witnesses: Amēl-Nabû/Bēl-iddin/Arad-Nergal, Iddinā/Mušēzib-Marduk/Šangû-ah-u, Nabû-šuma-usur/Nabû-šuma-iškun/Raksu, Iddinā/Bīt-ilī-gūzu, Bēl-ušallim/Šulā/Nappāhu

(19) Scribe: Rēmūt-Nabû/Nabû/uballi/Arkāt-ilāni.

(20) Sippar, 25th of Du’ūzu (fourth month), eighth year of Darius, king of Babylon and the lands.

(23) It is the silver that has been given to the šangū of Sippar.

(Translated and published by Caroline Waerzeggers.)

This tablet documents an amount of silver, a significant amount, charged against Tablut and her son Iddin-Bēl, with Busasa, Tablut’s mother, as a second signer for collateral. The tablet implies that Iddin-Bēl’s deceased father Ardia probably incurred a debt that had to be paid after his lifetime. Tablut had probably been married to her maternal uncle Ardia in order to strengthen Busasa’s position with her own family, as Busasa had five children to support after the death of her husband (including Tablut), and probably borrowed from her family in order to survive.

FLP 1473


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