Promissory note (transfer of debt) with security

Uruk, Neo-Babylonian period, Šamaš-šuma-ukīn (reigned 667-648 B.C.E.)

This tablet will be published by Grant Frame in The Archive of Mushezib -Marduk, Son of Kiribtu and Descendant of Sin-Nasir : A Landowner and Property Developer at Uruk in the Seventh Century BCE.

1–3. Two minas of silver belonging to Kunaya, descendant of Basiya, the credit owed by Šulāya, descendant of Tābiya, is (now) charged against Nabû-e¢t¬ir, his brother.

4–6a. From the third day of the month of Arahsamna (VIII), each month one shekel of silver

per mina will accrue against Nabû-ētir.

6b–7. His house is security (for the debt). No ot[her] creditor has a right [(to it)].

8. Witnesses: Ša-pī-Bēl, descendant of […];

9. Kabtiya, descendant of the Buil[der];

10. Nabû-zēru-līšir, descendant of Ir’anni;

11. Rāšil, descendant of Tābiya;

12. and the scribe Bēl-ušallim, descendant of Ir’anni.

13–15. Babylon, month of Arahsamna, third day, second year of Šamaš-šuma-ukīn, king of Babylon.

– Translated by Grant Frame

FLP 1288


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