Receipt of silver loan

Clay tablet

Nippur, Neo-Babylonian period, Nabonidus (reigned 555-539 B.C.E.)

Nippur tablets from the Neo-Babylonian period are rare, probably owing to the state of destruction imposed by Nabopolassar when the area supported Assyria in a series of conflicts with the Babylonian king.

Nabonidus (reigned 556-539 B.C.E.), the last Neo-Babylonian king, worshipped the moon god Sin, naming him king of all the gods. Nabodinus neglected Marduk, the most important god to Mesopotamians who preceded him. The religious reforms Nabonidus instituted possibly led to unrest which drove him into exile and ultimately resulted in Persian rule of Mesopotamia with the Achaemenid empire. It has been thought, however, that Nabonidus’ reported unpopularity with his people was simply Persian propaganda.


16 sheqels of silver, the balance of the price of a donkey, belonging to Nabu-zer-iddin, son of Urdu, is charged against Bel-etir-Shamash, son of Aplaya. On the 2d day of (x) month, silver in the amount of 16 sheqels, the principal, he shall pay.

Witnesses: (8)…(10) son of Bel-ahhe-iqisa

Scribe: Enlil-uballit, son of Pir-u. In Nippur on the 27th day of the month Ajjaru in the 17th year of Nabonidus, king of Babylon.

-Translated by Raymond Bryan Dillard

FLP 1606


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