List of year-names

Clay tablet

Larsa, First Dynasty of Isin, Damiqilishu (reigned c. 1816-1794 B.C.E.)

Beginning with the Akkadian dynasty, ancient Mesopotamians gave names to each year. For example, after a significant event such as a major battle or after the construction of a temple, the year would be given a name commemorating the event. If nothing particularly exciting happened in a given year, the year would later be called: The Year After Such-and-such Happened.

Stephen J. Lieberman studied this tablet along with others held in libraries throughout the world to determine a more definitive list of the year-names during Damiqilishu’s reign. Damiqilishu was the last king of the First Dynasty of Isin. Here are a few examples of year-names from Lieberman’s collation of a number of tablets, including the one displayed here:

1. The year Damiqilishu became king.

6. The year after king Damiqilishu had the canal named “King Damiqilishu, Plenitude.”

9. The year after king Damiqilishu had the temple named “Judge of the Land,” his beloved house, built for Utu.

13. The year king Damiqilishu had the great wall of Isin called “Damiqilishu, Plenitude, Favorite of Ninurta” built.

FLP 2630


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