Nanna-Ningal Temple archive document

Clay tablet

Isin-Larsa period (c. 2017-1741 B.C.E.)

This tablet was published by David I. Owen in 1982.  It came from the same temple archive as several other tablets held in other collections.  The translation is as follows:

90 ewes (and ) 5 male sheep,

which had been plucked,

for the food supply of the SA GAZ

The herdsman was A’aba

the son of Dumuzi-bani

Authorized by the administrators.

The month of Ab, the 13th day,

the year the great temple platform of Shamash was built.

Nanna was a Sumerian moon god who obtained important cult status during the Third Kingdom of Ur.  Ningal was his wife, and the mother of the sun-god Utu-Shamash.  The two of them were worshipped together at Ur.

FLP 1302


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