Agricultural text: Harvesting of Nippur

Clay tablet

Lagash II, Gudea (c. 2141-2122 B.C.E.)

A “gur” is a unit of measurement, the same idea as a cubic foot (of barley, wheat, water, or oil).

A “gan” is a unit of area measurement.


210 less 2 gan (of land)

2 Kanu 1200 less 120 (c’s 1080 gur)

gur of wheat

200 less 2 gur of aš

130 less 1 gur of gig

total: 2 Karu 1407 gur

of grain, aš, gig.

and wheat


The consecrated field and

50 gan of pasture land (land of sheep)

The Official Sur-gis-bar-e-du



Year the Temple of Ninsia he built.

(translation by David I. Owen)

FLP 119


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