Ration list

Clay tablet

Lagash I, Uruinimgina (Urukagina) (c. 2351-2342 B.C.E.)

This tablet has not received a line-by-line translation from a scholar, but it has been determined by scholars to be a ration list,  a document that records the dispersal of rations from the royal storehouses. It is divided into eight columns.

Uruinimgina was a king of Lagash who instituted legal and social reform to control corruption in the government.  Uruinimgina wished to alter the existing situation in his society: the specific groups of people mentioned in the text (such as orphans, widows, herdsmen and farmers) indicate that Uruinimgina’s intention was to protect the economically weak. For example, he stated that he would not hand over the widow or the orphan to the economically powerful.



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