Sargon (c. 2340-2284 B.C.E.)

Sargon of Akkad founded the Akkadian Dynasty when he conquered Lugalzagesi of Uruk in 2340. After his victory, he held power over all the Sumerian cities, as well as Elam in the east. His empire eventually stretched all the way to southern Anatolia. In tablets written during his reign, he was seen as pre-ordained by the gods to rule the world even though he came from very humble origins. One account claimed that he was rescued as a baby from a basket in a river, like the Biblical Moses.  It is difficult to ascertain the truth from the documents. Many were written in a later period, and copied the earlier ones of Sargon’s time.

Sargon promoted the use of the Akkadian language in writing over the Sumerian one. This marked the phasing-out of writen Sumerian except in literature and classical writings. (In these areas Sumerian was retained, much as Latin was kept alive in literature through the Middle Ages.)


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