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Proto-Elamite Period

Other systems of writing emerged at the same time as the writing of the Sumerians, but were short-lived. Most notable is the writing system called Proto-Elamite, which surfaced during the Jemdat-Nasr period in the area called Susa in southwestern Iran. … Continue reading

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Proto-Elamite Tablet

Louvre, Paris Sb 3047 This is an example of the Proto-Elamite script. The Free Library does not have any Proto-Elamite tablets, but does have a Proto-Elamite cylinder seal. © Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons

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Cylinder seal

Proto-Elamite period (c. 3000 B.C.E.) The animals pictured on this seal and the seal itself have been dated to the Proto-Elamite period of Iran. The incriptions were added at a later time, most likely in the Akkadian period (2340-2154 B.C.E.). … Continue reading

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