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Cylinder Seal

Late Uruk/Jamdat Nasr Period (3500-2900 B.C.E.) Marble cylinder seal and impression Similar to “Goats Before a Shrine” Seal no. 23 in the Morgan Collection. FLP cylinder seal Advertisements

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Cylinder seal

Proto-Elamite period (c. 3000 B.C.E.) The animals pictured on this seal and the seal itself have been dated to the Proto-Elamite period of Iran. The incriptions were added at a later time, most likely in the Akkadian period (2340-2154 B.C.E.). … Continue reading

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Cylinder seal

Hematite Late Old Babylonian period (c. 2000-1600 B.C.E.), probably time of Hammurabi (reigned c. 1792-1750 B.C.E.) These female figures are lammas. A lamma is a generally anonymous, benevolent female deity in human form. These lammas have their hands raised to … Continue reading

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Stamp seal

Translucent stone (chalcedony?) Neo-Babylonian period (625-539 B.C.E.) This seal would have been used as a personal stamp for impressing clay tablets, like a written signature. The image shows a man in front of an altar or podium.  On the podium … Continue reading

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